Our Latest Project Announcement


We are excited to announce our latest project — Project Birth-A-Baby! Yes Kassie is pregnant and due in late August/early September. When we did our annual review at the end of 2017 we came up with a theme for 2018 and that theme is Building The Nest! We are figuring out where we are going to build our nest and birth the latest addition to our family. It’s likely that our nest will be in Orange County near friends and family but we still are considering Ventura County and even Mexico! Yes, duel citizenship would be pretty awesome and who doesn’t like the idea of a birth-cation? 

Astraea has been incredibly excited since we told her that mom was pregnant on Christmas day as part of one of her gifts. She burst into screams and tears of joy upon hearing that she was going to be a big sister! (See video below!) Each morning the first thing she talks about is baby and each night its the last thing she says she’s grateful for before going to bed. 

Mom and Dad are now busy building the nest— that is getting everything in order so that we can be as present as possible with this new being when he/she comes into this world. Stay tuned for more project updates!

Daniel AndersonComment