11 Things I've learned About Blogging In My First Year

We made it back from our brief trip south of the border. While we were in Baja, I realized that it had been one year since I had officially launched this blog. Though I had started writing posts earlier, it was on the 25th of January 2017 that everything went live. 

We were in Baja the year before when I launched it, so it felt right to be back for the year anniversary. 

I’ve learned a lot since then, though I haven’t necessarily applied it all, and I wanted to make a compilation of notes on my first year of blogging. So here it is! 


1. Develop an overarching theme

An overarching theme is what ties everything together in your blog. This is especially necessary if you write about a variety of topics.  It took me a while to figure this part out. I don’t think you need to have this from the get go but eventually you should have a theme that ties the subjects of your blog together. I mostly write about travel, family life, and self growth. The theme that ties it all together is about seizing the day and conquering your dreams. This creates a fluidity and purpose to your blog

2. Create a schedule and stick to it

This is something I still need to work on. I have a schedule, it’s just the sticking to it part that I have trouble with. Like last week for instance, I had no internet so no posts went up on schedule. Creating a schedule not only keeps you on top of your writing but it allows your audience to know what to expect. It also shows commitment and people will more likely take you seriously. 

3. Have a surplus of blog posts in stock 

I have a few posts in stock but I’d like to have more to fall back upon. This helps when the creative juices aren’t flowing or when you get busy with other things. 

4. Schedule Posts  To Go Up Automatically ahead of time.

By looking ahead and scheduling blog posts to go up automatically, you don’t have to worry about it in the moment. Had I planned ahead last week, I could have foreseen having internet problems in Baja and scheduled posts ahead of time.

5. Start an email list and send out a weekly email

It took me a while to start sending out a weekly email but I find that it is a good way to keep a number of your readers up to date. It’s good to curate different content for your email list to encourage others to sign up. 

6. Market Yourself 

I’d rather just write. But what’s the point of blogging if nobody reads it? I still haven’t really figured this one out very well. Sometimes I post and don’t even bother sharing it on social media. This next year I want to work more on getting my content out there, be it through social media, guest blog posts, or even advertising.  

7. Bring the camera! 

Photography is an important part of this blog for me. As a rule of thumb anytime I ask myself, “Should I bring the camera?” then I bring  camera. The times I don’t are always when the best photos present themselves.

8. Post now!   

Theres a whole list of posts and journal entries that I never posted because they were no longer relevant. When you are writing about something happening now, then post it. It may not be relevant next week. And don’t save your best work for later. Share it now! 

9. Pay attention to what works

Sometimes unexpected blog posts do really well. Pay attention to what people respond to and curate content that is related. 

10. Do it for the love

I wouldn’t be writing now if it wasn’t for the fact that I enjoy blogging. Sometimes it feels like a chore but for the most part it’s what I want to do because it’s fun and fulfilling. If it was for recognition or money I would have stopped a while a go. Theres very few people that read this blog. I currently only get maybe 300 visitors on a good month (Of course I want to change that). You have to write out of the joy for writing. It needs to be aligned with your purpose or your not going to have the zest to get through the slow times. 

11. Keep at it.

For me, this is a long term project. Sometimes I don’t feel like writing. I’ve had times where weeks go by with no posts. It’s hard to get back in the zone when this happens but I just keep at it. The more I write the easier it is, the less I write the harder it is.

Well, I’m excited for another year of blogging. I want to learn and grow more. I find this blog helps me do that. I’m looking forward to applying what I’ve learned in the last year.






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