Baja Update

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Greetings from Baja,

We arrived about six days ago in our Baja home. The drive down was smooth enough despite the road being in perhaps the worst condition I’ve ever seen it. I let our an array of colorful expressions every time I hit a pothole, and I hit a lot of potholes!

We arrived singing and dancing with excitement to be back down in Baja. We got a couple repairs done on our house, though we are still waiting to get our roof repaired ( the main reason we came down.) 

The internet has been down until recently so no blog post have been published this last week though I did write a couple posts that will hopefully be up this week (granted the internet runs smooth). 

Being a shorter trip, I find myself trying to breathe deeply into every fleeting moment. The beauty of a shorter trip is that you waste no time. We’ve been surfing, going on family walks, enjoying good company, and just relishing our time here together. 

I have become quite obsessed with photography since we were last here and I feel like I’m seeing everything in a new way. I find myself paying more attention to details of the surrounding beauty as I search for different perspectives to photograph. I feel like photography brings you even deeper into your surroundings, though the downside is that you are often times less present in the moments you seek to capture.

Every morning I’ve been getting up at sunrise to capture a landscape shot while the light is at it’s prime. Here’s a couple shots I’ve got since being here. (The last surf shot was captured by Kassie)  

I hope you all have a wonderful week. We should be back in the states in by the end of the month.

- Danny

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