Preparing For Baja

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Greetings! Today’s post will be a little shorter. Tomorrow we are heading down for a short trip to our casita in Baja California Sur. The main reason for the trip is to do some repairs to the thatched palm roof (referred to as a palapa in Mexico) that was damaged from some heavy winds this last Fall. We also have to do some paperwork relating to our house which will require a trip all the way down to La Paz, about 12 hours from our house in Baja. It will be a busy ten days or so but in between work we will surely be enjoying the ocean in front of our house. 

I look forward to capturing some stunning photos of the beautiful Baja desert and ocean scapes. Since we were last there in the summer I’ve learned a lot of new photography techniques that I look forward to applying this trip. It’s so nice when you have incredible landscapes only a few steps from your door! Here in Orange County I have to drive a minimum of thirty minutes in order to get any decent landscape shots. In Baja I can literally launch our drone from our front doorstep or take a short walk and in a matter of seconds start shooting an incredible number of different scenes! I’m going to advantage of every sunrise and sunset while we are there. 

Also, when we drive to La Paz this year we’ll be be passing some beautiful areas that we’ve never been able to see from an aerial view. I’m really excited to see some of these areas for the first time with the drone. I get this childlike feeling of excitement and exploration when seeing places for the first time from up above. It feels as if you are extending your consciousness into the drone and actually flying around!  

This time of the year the grey whales are making their annual migration down to Baja and I’m really hoping we can stop by San Ignacio for some whale watching. One of my dreams is to capture some aerial photos of the grey whales and their calves in the lagoon. It’s a lot to ask in just the span of ten days but you never know!

I’ve been packing today and it’s starting to feel more real. We really didn’t plant this trip until recently so it hasn’t started to hit me until now. The surfboards are ready to pack. Wetsuits — check. The camera batteries are charged and memory cards emptied. Our clothing and snacks are packed. Passports — check. Dog and kid — check. All that I need to do is arrange everything to fit in the car and pay for our Mexican car insurance online. Ready for a surprise Baja trip!  We’ll be leaving early tomorrow and I’ll be updating on here next week. For more frequent updates check out our Instagram page. Adios!

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