Family Sessions - Bella And Astraea


Our daughter, Astraea, and our dog, Bella, have always loved the water. I guess that's a result of our family being immersed in aquatic environments our whole life. Whether that be the ocean in Baja California or rivers and lakes in Northern California, we always find a way to get our liquid fix. Aside from in the womb with mom, Astraea caught her first wave when she was a little over a year old. Bella has always been a water dog, even joining us on stand up paddle trips. A few years ago she decided to swim out and follow Kassie into the lineup. Seeing her get tired of swimming, Kassie pulled her onto the longboard and caught a wave in. Surprisingly Bella stayed on the board calmly and even seemed to enjoy it. Though we talked about bringing her out for a surf again, a few years went by before it actually happened. Just a couple of weeks ago, we were pushing Astraea into little waves in front of our house and she was having a blast. Bella was splashing around in the shallow small surf with us when we asked,"Want to see if Bella wants to catch a wave?"

We motioned for Bella to hop on the board and she excitedly hopped on as if she'd been waiting for this moment all along. She laid down on the board like she already knew how it worked. We pushed her into her first wave and she rode it all the way to shore, looking back at us the whole time! We burst into laughter and pushed her into a few more.

The next morning we came back out to push Astraea into more waves when it hit us.

"Astraea, you want to see if you and Bella can catch a wave together?"

You can guess what the answer was. Kassie took Astraea and I took Bella each on their own board and walked them out into the line up. The first wave we pushed them into was a success! They rode all the way to shore side by side, each on their own board. I immediately ran back to the house for the camera. 

Meanwhile our friend had watched us paddle out from the distance thinking, "Astraea must be surfing with another girl." Upon taking a look with her binoculars she thought, "wait a minute those ears are big-- that's Bella!" The two continued catching several waves together while Astraea proclaimed "I'm going to catch 22 more waves!" Meanwhile, Bella sprinted back to her board and attempted to climb on all by herself assumingly saying the exact same thing! 

Well I think this is the start of many surf sessions to come. If you ever drop in and hear some barking, be careful, you might be dropping in on Bella!

Daniel AndersonComment