Back In Baja

After weeks of packing and prepping we finally set off for Baja, loaded to the gills with six surfboards and enough surf gear for a small surf shop; enough photography gear to start a production company; and enough organic food and supplements to open up a small health food store (and perhaps enough chocolate for—well you get the point). Also packed were the random items like a blender, a coffee grinder, and an ice cream maker. (yes you read that right) Not to mention two dogs and a kid! I’m actually amazed we managed to fit it all in our little Toyota Highlander. 

Yeah, we aren't exactly light packers. Almost Minimalist? Not quite. As you can imagine there wasn't much wiggle room. It was an epic game of Tetris getting it all to fit in the car. The thing is, we aren't really traveling—we are moving into our Baja home for a couple months. Hence a lot of the home culinary items. Yeah we didn't need to bring all of the specialty food items, but organic foods and greens are hard to come by in Baja so we like to bring plenty of supplements as a kind of health insurance. 

A swell arrived at the same time as we did so we have been slow at getting chores done as we are surfing all day. In between sessions we get some things done—fill the water tank, unpack some boxes, top the solar batteries off with water, and so on. As soon as the swell dies we will get caught up, or so we say. 

We brought down a new toy with us this trip; our Dji Mavic Pro drone which we have named Mr. Osprey! We are really excited about the possibilities and new views we are able to obtain. We are slowly figuring it out but have a ways to go as it is our first RC toy ever. Whenever it's not windy around here (which isn't often) we take it out for a flight. Heres a couple of the images we've brought back so far.


Astraea has been overflowing with joy— in fact we all have. We are in our element. Every time we return here its a whole different experience for her. It's like she see's it again for the first time. She's been running around on the beach picking up all of the various treasures and exclaiming out loud, "Look at this! Look at this shell! Look at this crab claw!" Her enthusiasm is contagious. Not only that she is incredibly excited to surf. In fact, she gets a little impatient when we tell her we have to wait for the tide to come up a bit. "No I don't want to wait! I want to surf now!"  We wouldn't have it any other way. Unfortunately she came down with an ear infection and has had to be out of the water for a week. Just like us, she gets a little edgy when forced to stay out of the water. I think her gills are getting dry. Soon she'll be back out in her salty paradise.

I was Astraea's age when my parents used to bring me down to these very same beaches for the summer. I get filled with a warm nostalgia as I relive many of my childhood memories through her. It brings me such joy that I nearly get teary eyed at times. Nearly... 

Being back here in our own personal paradise has us asking the question—How can we make it sustainable? How can we find a way to create a remote income and move down here full time? It's incredibly cheap to live down here for us so we wouldn't need much. Dreams of homesteading down here are strong. Chickens, goats, a garden? Maybe some day. 

Well just wanted to leave a little update to get in the habit of writing again. Thanks for following along.

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