Any Given Sunrise

Any Given Sunrise,

Is an opportunity for growth, 

to learn something new

an opportunity to go on an adventure,

 to explore this earth,

an opportunity to create something lasting,

 and to give back

an opportunity for change,

for the better

an opportunity to live in gratitude

on Any Given Sunrise.

Each morning we wake with the sun, we are given the gift of life and the opportunity to live it out to the fullest. Some days that may mean diving in the ocean and exploring what lies beneath or going for a hike on a trail we’ve never set foot on. It may just mean trying something new or sitting together as a family at dinner and enjoying each others company. From the grandiose to the everyday simplicities, we can choose to seize the day whether or not we are traveling or busy at home. Any Given Sunrise is a reminder to live life with this philosophy. 

Meet Our Family!


Kassie and Danny are a fun loving couple who met in high school playing waterpolo. After remaining friends for years, a trip down to Baja in 2010 sparked a wild romance. Both avid surfers with a lust for travel, they spent the following year backpacking around Central America wherever authentic food, dark chocolate, bold coffee and pulsing waves could be found. In 2012 they became three and Astraea joined the journey. Not long after, they backpacked around SE Asia for 4 months experiencing the spicy upbeat culture. Later that year they adopted Coco Bella, just a pup found on the side of the road in Northern California. They spent the next three years living and learning an off grid lifestyle in Northern California with intermittent trips to their Baja home. They have recently uprooted, minimized their belongings, and are embarking on a quest for a location independent lifestyle. 


Astraea Rose, a water baby extraordinaire! She is capable of summoning dolphins with her mermaid voice. Always on the search for snuggles and adventures, you can often find her rolling in the sand with her dog Bella. She loves art in all of its forms: from storytelling to painting, songwriting to photography, this girl loves to create! You may find her pretending to be a super hero or a princess. She’s a feisty being who marches to the beat of her own drum. Intelligent and sassy, her sense of humor is sure to win your heart.


Coco Bella! Meet the landshark who is always on the hunt for food. She loves a good party, especially if there’s some sort of BBQ (with plenty of handouts.) Often found rummaging in compost bins and scrap piles, this girl can’t get her fill. But there’s more to Bella then her belly. She is always up for going on adventures: from stand up paddles to steep hikes and long swims. As the provider of camp security, not a snapped twig or rustling of a leaf goes by without her sounding the alarm. Watch out! You may have trouble keeping this four legged creature of affection from licking you to death.


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